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The Genesis


OLAJIDE AND ASSOCIATES is a broad based Auditing Firm which was registered in Nigeria under the business name Act of the Companies and Allied Matters Decree (1990), on the 26th of June 1998 with registration number LAZ.069213. Our firm has one branch in addition to the Head office in Lagos. The firm has a branch in Abuja, the seat of government and another branch in Jos. We also have branches in Port Harcourt, kaduna, Zaria and Enugu.

Our firm is licensed to practice as a chartered Accountant, Tax Consultant and Auditor by the Institute of Charter Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). Our firm is a member of The Lagos chamber of commerce and Industry.

Our members hold the membership certificate of :-
- The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)
- The Chartered Institute of Management (NIM)
- The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN)
- The Institute of Auditors
- The Institute of Data processing & Design.
- OLAJIDE AND ASSOCIATES office is well equipped with all modern communication and working equipments necessary to carry out its professional business.

Our Values
Accurate reporting and customised
client service :
We provide accurate financial information and excellent taxation services tailored to each client's needs.
Integrity and honesty :
We are committed to honesty, clarity and professionalism in our operations; we strive to be above board at all time.
Rapid-response capability :
Rapid-response capability to meet the individual Client or Contractor's needs.
Across-the board provision of
industry best practices . . .
Across-the board provision of industry best practices, premier level of service to Clients and Contractors.
Our most important underlying asset :
Recognition that our portfolio of placed Contractors is our most important underlying asset, and dedication to optimization of continuing employment opportunities for these professionals.
We are ethical, trustworthy . . .
We are ethical, trustworthy and display unflagging integrity in all our relationships and dealings.
All of our undertakings are performed with honesty :
All of our undertakings are performed with honesty, and with a sense of community responsibility and respect for the individual.
We try to forsee Clients' needs . . .
We try to forsee Clients' needs and proactively present comprehensive, effective solutions. We are flexible and creative in our approaches to the work, and we continually seek out new global opportunities in which to serve and excel.
Our spirit of perseverance . . .
Our spirit of perseverance, and our ability to develop long-term, mutually beneficial alliances with Clients and Contractors alike, ensures our success.

Need a chatered accountant or tax consultant?
Our professionals are waiting to serve you well. Give us a try today!
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