We provide professional auditing services


We are expertise in accounting services


We help you with all your tax needs


We can relief you of your financial stresses

  • Auditing Services

    We provide professional auditing services such as Statutory Audits, Internal Audits Investigations, Certifications, Confirmations , Forensic Audits,. . .

  • Accountancy Services

    Olajide and Associates is a expertise in Accounting services. We are capable of handling all your Book Keeping Services, Accounting System Setup, . . .

  • Taxation Services

    Our taxation services include: Corporate Taxation, Personal Income, Value Added Taxation, Withholding Taxes, Petroleum Profit Taxation, Education Levy, . . .

  • Financial Services

    At Olajide and Associates, we can relief you of your financial stresses such as Debt Recovery, Credit Management, Credit Sourcing, Feasibility Study and Reports, . . .

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